Monday, January 7, 2013

Life in the swim lane

I did a swim practice last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's great to show up to the pool and have a board written with an agenda. There's something methodical about looking up from the end of the lane and checking off one more drill.

Pool was chilly and I actually got a little nervous because I got about 4 strokes down the lane and turned around - it took my breath away!  But, the rest was short and off I went. 

I really got into a groove and while I was a little short of breath with some laps, overall I felt like I could have kept going once the workout was complete.  I will count that as a success!

I love being in the water.  I enjoy just being alone with my thoughts while following the black line. Note...the ever present black line.  I haven't done an open water swim yet (yikes!).  I had to be very careful to not lose track of my laps - how do people remember their laps anyway!?  - but otherwise it was great "alone" time.

The remainder of the day I would smell the subtle hint of chlorine and it was a great reminder of my early morning workout.  I'll file this away in "it was a good workout" file.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Where have I been?

Have you ever lost contact with a close friend and have that awkward meeting where you don't know what to say, where to begin? too.

Since I started teaching two years ago, I haven't had much time to train or keep in contact with my training friends. Even the closest ones.  My brain has been filled with grades and seminars and professional development training.

In August, I left my full time job to pursue teaching full time.  I thought that would give me the time I craved to be with my friends and family.  Boy, was I totally wrong.  I feared not having a consistent income, so I said "yes" to everything and then some.  Inherently, I have a problem saying no, but this really got me in a schedule snafu.  So, I was once again left with long car rides, endless things to plan/grade and little time for anyone or anything else.

In late October, I was making plans to go to Ironman Arizona to watch, learn and be with my friends again.  I was inspired by the athletes and the atmosphere.  I loved watching families with decorated shirts, giant heads as signs and the all day event that Ironman becomes.  I watched in fear as I listened to athletes rounded the run course talking about how miserable they were, but cried as they rounded the last corner to hear Mike Reilly declare "You are an Ironman".  I wanted that feeling.  I wanted the elation of finishing a life's goal.  Something so few people accomplish.  Conquer the fear that prevents other people from even making the effort.  The next morning I promptly woke up, waited in line and signed up.


Yes.  I'm signed up for Ironman Arizona.  Nothing like starting back head first in the shallow end, right?!

A few things have crossed my mind since that day....
What have I done?
That's the craziest (or dumbest) thing you could do
You have time for that?
Oh, time for new gadgets!
What have I done? (I say that at least once a day) what?

I'm going to train.  I'm going to be diligent.  I want to be the person/athlete I always dreamed I could be. I'm going to make 2013 my year.

It's going to be hard.  Not just for me but for my family, especially Walt. I'm hopeful that this journey will be the catalyst to great things for both of us.