Monday, January 7, 2013

Life in the swim lane

I did a swim practice last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's great to show up to the pool and have a board written with an agenda. There's something methodical about looking up from the end of the lane and checking off one more drill.

Pool was chilly and I actually got a little nervous because I got about 4 strokes down the lane and turned around - it took my breath away!  But, the rest was short and off I went. 

I really got into a groove and while I was a little short of breath with some laps, overall I felt like I could have kept going once the workout was complete.  I will count that as a success!

I love being in the water.  I enjoy just being alone with my thoughts while following the black line. Note...the ever present black line.  I haven't done an open water swim yet (yikes!).  I had to be very careful to not lose track of my laps - how do people remember their laps anyway!?  - but otherwise it was great "alone" time.

The remainder of the day I would smell the subtle hint of chlorine and it was a great reminder of my early morning workout.  I'll file this away in "it was a good workout" file.

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  1. I hope you get that smell of chlorine on you quite a bit over the next several months. You know you have the best support and supplies crew in the business.